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Best Fish on the Grill

For many people grilling is a hobby and not just a way of cooking, they have perfect skills to grill the right way and they love it and wait for Sunday gatherings to practice such a delicious hobby but those people who know about grilling and love to search also know that you can’t grill anything anytime anywhere. To be professional in grilling you have to know what you are tossing on the grates and whether it works or not! Here comes our article’s topic which is about grilling Fish in specific.

There are millions of kinds of fish all over the world but do you think all of them are suitable for grilling or just you can cook them and that’s it? Life is really more beautiful with a grill since it adds better aroma and flavor to your food but choosing the right food is the key to enjoy what you are eating. Here comes a guide that we’ve prepared for you to choose the right fish on the grill without any guilt.

1- Tuna

Tuna comes in many forms, but when it comes to grilling of course we mean the fresh tuna cuts and not the canned one. Tuna is high in protein and fat so it is a perfect option to grill since you will have a better flavor with fats reacting with charcoal. When you want to grill it, choose the deep red color that is free of any dark spots but always make sure to marinade it because it is not considered as a super fatty fish so it might dries quickly. Try to sear tuna 8-10 minutes on the grill and avoid overcooking it because it is leaner than other kinds of fish so it might be overcooked easily.

        Tuna Health Benefits:

  • Contains a high level of omega-3 which lowers your bad cholesterol
  • Rich in Vitamin B12 which is essential in making DNA and red blood cells
  • The omega-3 in it is also beneficial for a healthy eye and retina in specific.
  • It is a good source of iron and iodine which is essential for thyroid gland function

2- Salmon

The star of grilling is “Salmon”. If you just go for searching about grilling recipes you will find millions of salmon recipes because it is super delicious on the grill. Salmon is full of healthy fats where it is considered as one of the most fatty fish in the world so what is perfect about it is that you don’t need to overdo it in marinating, it’s enough to add a little bit of salt and pepper and that’s it. All what you have to do is to keep its skin because the skin will help the fish to hold together and will avoid its sticking on the grill as well. You have to grill the salmon on medium heat 5-10 minutes with the lid closed.

Salmon health benefits:

  • Rich in omega-3 fatty acids
  • Rich in vitamin D which is essential for bones
  • Contains Vitamin B12 which is essential for DNA and red blood cells formation
  • Rich in potassium which is important for the heart and the kidneys

3-Red Snapper

Red snapper is very soft and tender so it will be super delicious and tasty on the grill. What do you need to know about red snapper is that the best way to grill it is with the skin because the skin will add more flavor to it and will keep it stick together without falling on the grates of the grill. You need to preheat the grill on medium heat and grill it for about 3-5 minutes per side, because it is tender by nature it doesn’t need lots of time to be cooked.

Red Snapper health benefits:

  • Aids in weight management because it is high in proteins and thus enhances your satiety
  • Prevents heart diseases because it is rich in omega 3 fatty acids
  • An antioxidant that prevents cancer because it is rich in vitamin E
  • Supports thyroid health since it contains iodine

4- Mahi-Mahi

Mahi-Mahi is a dolphin fish but not that mammal that you enjoy in the pool. The word Mahi-Mahi is Hawaiian which means strong- strong and this name makes it different from the dolphin that we all know as a cute mammal that we’ve used to play with and not eat. Mahi-Mahi has a white flesh with a little bit of sweet taste and mild flavor; it is suitable to be grilled too. All what you need to do is to preheat the grill on medium heat and grill the fish for 8-10 minutes.

Mahi-Mahi Health Benefits:

  • Promotes thyroid health because it is rich in iodine
  • Helps in balancing fluids in the body since it is rich in selenium
  • High in protein so it is good for weight management


Sword fish has a buttery flavor which makes it perfect for the grill and doesn’t need marinating. This fish is juicy by nature so you don’t need to add too much sauce to it to keep it juicy. Preheat the grill on 145 F and place the swordfish for 5-8 minutes.

Swordfish Health Benefits:

Like the previous fish it is rich in selenium, vitamin B12, iodine and potassium which make it good for the heart, thyroid and the brain.

6-Whole Trout

Trout is a lean fish that doesn’t contain lots of fat, so if you want to grill it you need to marinade it with seasonings and herbs for a better flavor. All what you need to do is to preheat the grill on 145 F and grill the trout for about 5 minutes in foil or with the lid closed.

Trout Health Benefits:

This kind of fish doesn’t contain omega-3 like salmon for example but it is rich in B vitamins which are essential for DNA as we said before and also rich in selenium that will balance the fluid in your body.

To wrap it up, when you want to grill fish you have to follow such a guide to know which fish works better for you so you don’t get disappointed on a Sunday family gathering, all what you need to do is to choose the right fish and the most suitable one for the grill to get the best flavor out of it. Remember that grilling is not a way of cooking it is all about creating new recipes and releasing new and fantastic flavors out of God’s creatures.

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